It’s now end of July, and I am still jobless.

Jobs is difficult to be found theses days.

I have look through online job portal as well official webpage.

I have applied for more than 40 job vacancy, and yet to receive any positive feedback.

Maybe I have exceeded the market average age or maybe I’m just not good enough.

But I still haven’t lost any hope. I will still try my very best and praying for a job that best fit ME.



People say that money couldn’t buy you happiness. It’s true that money couldn’t buy such emotions but it could be a proxy of determining the level of happiness. Experience had taught me that money will have effects on the relationship with your friends and emotions.


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When we were young, friends means a world to us. We share our ups and downs, highs and lows of our time together. Some even pledge to stay loyal to each other no matter what. However, as time flies, and people change, the pledge or promises made seems so childish. The dreams of staying friends forever are destroyed by the greediness of a person. Who would be happy living in a world without friends? For some, it will be good not to have friends that only there when your pockets is full and left you hanging when you pockets are empty. But in time it will effects your emotions.


Stressed Over Money
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Money will influence the stability of a person’s emotions. It will be very stressful when you have only MYR100 (after deducting all monthly expenses) to survive every month for a household of three. How could one survive? No matter how hard you work the pay isn’t helping much to your financial stability. With friends living your side just because you have empty pockets will only make you emotions worst.

Who would be happy when you are left with no friends and left with emotions instability? But it is not the end of the world! All you need to do is make some changes that best fit your current situation. Look for side income that could help you generate extra money (it is a trend nowadays!). and as for friendship, let those greedy and selfish people turn their back against you because one day, they too will understand. Let’s do our best and pray for the best.

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Ramadhan 1434



ramadhan osem
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It’s the 5th day of Ramadhan. I have been driving on a challenging road. I’m praying that this Ramadhan will bring my family and I hope and will to stay strong in facing challenges up ahead.