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Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

True enough. Events encountered by us is a life learning lesson, lesson that could never be taught in school or university. The course structure vary from one person to another. Turning the negative into positive is the way to get it through.


Almost There!

I’m almost there. I can feel it. The only thing that is in between me and the job is the final assessment. Believe it or not, I had started to feel butterfly flying in my stomach since the day I received a phone call from the company. I was happy and relieve but nervous at the same time. I have this ‘what if‘ thing repeating in my head. The final assessment is tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow.

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Source: My personal email.

The above is my final task. Interesting? Yes, indeed. It is simple and straight forward. What make it interesting isthat it have to be creative, and creative is challenging for me especially if its last minute projects/tasks. But, it’s a challenge, or should I say ‘BRING IT ON!‘ (^_^) I have few ideas in mind, and hopefully I’ll be the 10 selected candidates.

Syawal 1434


Syawal is almost coming to an end. September is now here. I am still in the midst of finding the suitable job. I had under go 2 interviews and 3 assessments. I have positive feeling with the latest assessment. I’m praying and hoping for the best.