New Year Resolution

I will be 28 this year. My highest accomplishment was to earn a Master certificate.

Apart from that, my life is pretty much average or lower than average life. So, I made a list.

A list full of meaning. A list full of enthusiasm. A list full of determination. A list full of ambition.


  1. To be a good servant to Allah: Life is about getting His blessing, it is all that matter.
  2. To read as much as I can: Novel, journal or article, so that I could improve my vocabulary as well as knowledge.
  3. To travel as much as I can: Explore the other part of this country that I’ve yet to explore.
  4. To contribute as much as I can: I want to be apart of something, something that has meanings.
  5. To lose as much weight as possible: So that I could stay healthy and have a lot of energy for my energetic family.


Yes, it’s not much, but there is a meaning in every item listed. So, lets start to improve ourselves, for a better future.


The 2 Hours Journey

Buzz Buzz Buzz. The alarm clock sings.

It’s 5.30 in the morning. My darling boys are still sound asleep.

I try to get up, but my body feels so heavy, and so I lay there a little while.


Buzz Buzz Buzz. The alarm clock sings again.

It’s now 5.45 in the morning. Time to get up and get ready.

I walk soundly to the bathroom, so I would not wake up the two angles.


It’s now 6.00 in the morning. They are still asleep.

I’m now ready and waiting for my ride to the train station to arrive.

I car pool with my mother in law, from Bandar Tasik Puteri to KL Central.


We start our journey at 6.15 in the morning.

Although it is still dark, but the road is brighten by the red lights of cars.

It’s the people of Tasik Puteri, living home for work.


After 45 minutes of car ride (if I’m lucky), I arrived in KL Central.

Now, I’ve to rushed to chase the 7.10am train.

If I miss the 7.10am train, I will not be on time.


The train arrives at 7.10 in the morning. The train arrived on time nowadays.

It’s another 45 minutes ride before arriving at my final destination.

I always carry a book with me to keep me accompany.


7.55 in the morning, arrived at the train station.

I then drive for another 10-15 minutes and finally, I arrived at my final destination.

That’s two hours, am i right? Guess where my final destination is…..


Two hours journey to work. Yes, two hours.

Tiring? Not much.

Exhausted? A little.

But it all paid up when I look at those sweet and innocent face of my little hero.


This is of my own choice. No one forced me to do so.

This is the sacrifice I make to sustain the unknown future.