New Year Resolution

I will be 28 this year. My highest accomplishment was to earn a Master certificate.

Apart from that, my life is pretty much average or lower than average life. So, I made a list.

A list full of meaning. A list full of enthusiasm. A list full of determination. A list full of ambition.


  1. To be a good servant to Allah: Life is about getting His blessing, it is all that matter.
  2. To read as much as I can: Novel, journal or article, so that I could improve my vocabulary as well as knowledge.
  3. To travel as much as I can: Explore the other part of this country that I’ve yet to explore.
  4. To contribute as much as I can: I want to be apart of something, something that has meanings.
  5. To lose as much weight as possible: So that I could stay healthy and have a lot of energy for my energetic family.


Yes, it’s not much, but there is a meaning in every item listed. So, lets start to improve ourselves, for a better future.


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