MH370 is still missing. People all around the world is crying, hoping and praying for a miracle to happen. But, the hope is almost faded when the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Sri Najib Razak made a press statement saying that the aircraft last location pinged by the INMARSAT satellite was at the Indian Ocean.… Continue reading MH370


Beyond Your Blog: Freelancing, Getting Paid to Write, and Writing for Free

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Many of you are growing as writers and seek opportunities beyond your blog. To continue this conversation, let’s talk about freelancing and getting paid to write, and the flip side of this: writing for free and exposure. We’ve rounded up four working writers who offer different perspectives on the…


Pray For MH370

Where oh where could they be? With no news of where they could be. Where oh where could they be? Lost or stranded in the desert or the open sea? Where oh where could they be? Your family a waits, so please, come home already!



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Unique Every living thing in this world, has its own purpose. Their existence correlates to one another. God gifted us human with a mind that is capable of processing and handling a large set of data. HE created the world, for us humans to explore, learn and understand the main purpose of our…