Best Things About Being In Your Late 20s

I’m entering the late 20-s group of age. It feels normal to be honest. It just feel like nothing changes (physically). However, the way we think, the way we act and the environment that we are in changes. I found this article posted on Facebook by one of my friends. The article is about ‘The 18 Best Things About Being in Your Late Twenties’ .

  1. You’ve figure out how to deal with flaky people – Ahh, this type of people. All you need to do is just ignore them. One day they will call you just to ask you to hang around with them.
  2. You trimmed most of fat friends – I used to cry a lot because of the so call “friends”. They said that they were your friends but behind your back, they talk trash about you and even try to break you up with your boyfriend (rolling-eyes!). But one day, you just realize (well, with the help of my other half of course!) they don’t matter. Let them be, you will not lose anything. In fact I get myself some cool and more understanding friends instead! Thanks Fatty friends, you really did me a favor.
  3. You have a lot of weekend trips built into your year because a lot of your friends are getting married – This is fun! I love weddings. It remind me of my own – with family and closes friends, celebrating your joy and love for one another. (Hubby, lets get married again! Hahaha …)
  4. You have started considering “cost per wear” when buying clothing – so true. i now understand the value of the clothes that i wear. Each time i went to the store, i’ll think 100 times before buying it. True, you should ask my husband.
  5. You don’t care about certain brand/labels – I know buy clothes or stuff base on the quality and price. Don’t mind wearing anything without brand. If it look good on me, then I’ll wear them.
  6. Double dates don’t make you feel old anymore – Since most of our friend is married, so we had double date some time triple date. it’s fun. it’s like hanging out like you were still single. 
  7. Your apartment has at least one piece of furniture in it that isn’t from IKEA or Bed Bath & Beyond – Hahahahaa… most of the furniture in my home is from IKEA.. hahaha.. this is so funny.
  8. The reason you haven’t listen to any new music is because too many pop songs have sirens in them – Well said!
  9. You’re less likely to have roommates – If i’m still single, YES, I will not have any roommates. I like to have some peace and quite time alone at home. FREEDOM!
  10. You’re more sensitive – YES!
  11. You have enough distance from your early twenties to realize you had NO IDEA of what you were doing at that time in your life – haha.. this is another ‘Well Said’ statement.

So, that’s about all of it, but you could just check out the full article here any time. Enjoy!


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