The Blog

I love writing. Writing is my way of letting out my emotions. Emotions of which could lead to depression. I was young at that time, and  was surrounded by people who are constantly trying to restrain me from being myself. I was very alone. One day, a teacher of mine (who always ended his class with words of advice) said that if you have problems, and you don’t feel like talking to someone will help you, you should write. Write a journal, express your anger, sadness or happiness in that journal.  and so I did, I kept a journal to make me feel sane and away from depression. That is how I survive my high school.

When I started college, I was very fortunate to actually found a group of people who I can call friends, and I thank God for that. One of them introduce me to blogging. I started to blog when I was on my final year in college, struggling for a diploma certificate. It was fun, decorating the page, have 50 followers and tons of things to write about. But then, I enroll myself fora postgraduate program, all my time is dedicated to complete the program. I spend less time with my blog and by the time I completed my program, I got pregnant with my first child. I had the worst morning sickness ever! That’s when the writing stop. I regret it each day.

and now that my life is in order, i could finally start writing back. It all started as a medium of expressing myself, now it is something that I believe I can turn it into something meaningful. That’s why I name it ‘The Blog’.


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