Why Blogging?


Source: Mr. Hilmi’s Facebook

I was in my final year of diploma when I met Mr. Hilmi. He was my Advance English lecturer and he happens to be the most awesome lecturer I’ve ever met. I like the way he delivers his teaching – became friends and a guidance to us his fellow students. I always look forward to his class because it’s so much fun!

So towards the end of the semester, we planned a trip for the whole class to go. But unfortunately, last minute cancellation, only 14 of us could make it, including him. I had the most memorable trip ever! We became friends that day on.

We keep in touch (until today) by reading his blog (as a silent reader) and through facebook. So, one day, as I was reading his blog, I said to myself, I should start my own blog. Well, I love writing and photography, that should do it. and so, I created my first blog ‘My Little Corner of The World’. A place where I am allowed to be myself and share my view to the whole world. So, thank you Mr. Hilmi for being such a wonderful inspiration to me and others as well.

Source: Mr. Hilmi's Blog site
Source: Mr. Hilmi’s Blog site



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