Future Reader

This may sound so ambitious but I wanted to write about what I’m most comfortable off – Business, Islamic Industry, Photography, Food, and Travel. Well yes it is a lot but i know I’ll manage to find the link between them all, and that my friend is my Goal. Short and simple!

But to be a good writer, you should be able to attract the best critics. You could only make the best out of you through learning from mistakes and taking advice from the wise. They are the people who will push you to the very edge and make you think twice in making deciding on the right decision. and that my friend, is also my Goal.

So present reader, please be the best mentor to me, because you will be the one who will shape my future writing. Enjoy.


P/S: My schoolmate, who happens to be my husband’s best friend, is moving to Japan. They did spend sometime together yesterday before he leave today, but I know deep inside, he’ll miss him. Dear friend, what ever happen to you in the past, lest them stay as it is, because today you have made the decision to move forward and let tomorrow be as bright and wonderful as a beautiful sunny day. I wish you best of luck for your future undertakings and may you find what ever you are searching for. Farewell and until we meet again, one day.


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