We had lost the most amazing person in our family. He was a good and humble person. His lost was so sudden, we still couldn’t believe it until today.

Dear uncle,
We miss you. Your wife and kids miss you. But don’t worry. We will always be there for them. We love you. Now, rest until we meet again someday.


Welcome Home

Friday. August 22, 2014.

It’s an emotional day. I had been tearing up all day.



Words is not enough to describe how they felt.

Tears had been their companion through out these period of time.

Losing your love one is like losing one part of yourself.

National mourning day after repatriation of victims remains to Malaysia


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They deserve to be treated like royalty.


A moment of silence. A moment to grieve.

Looking at those faces, I can’t help thinking about their loves one.

My deepest condolences goes out to all affected family and friends of MH17.

May Allah bless everyone on board.

You will always be missed.

Good Night MH17.

Welcome Home.

*p/s: all pictures was taken from Google image.

Mourning Day

Source: MAS instagram

Today is Friday, August 22, 2014.
It’s the day the deceased passenger of MH17 arrives home.
It will be different this time.
My heart felt condolences to all affected family and friends.
It’s a mourning Friday to all Malaysian.
“To all Malaysian, Welcome home”

I’m coming home,
I’m coming home,
Tell the world I’m coming home.
Let the rain wash away,
All the pain of yesterday,
I know my kingdom awaits,
And they’ve forgiven my mistake,
I’m coming home,
I’m coming home,
Tell the world I’m coming home.
– “I’m Coming Home”, J. Cole



Tree is earth’s natural air conditioner. It keeps us cool and provides us with lots of oxygen to breath. Cutting them down in a large quantity will not only harm the environment but it will also harm us human and animals. Let’s preserve what can be preserve for our future generations.