When the book turns to a new chapter, it is the continuation of the previous chapters. However, it will still be as fun, adventures and twisted as the previous chapters.

So does our lifetime in this world. As the new year come, it will unfold itself like a new chapter of a book.

I believe that our lifetime in this world had been carefully written and well structured by the Almighty. However, we still can change the fate of our future through the effort that we put on to continue living.

We might have a minute, an hour, a day, a month or years to live. Let’s make every minute of lifetime here something worth to be proud of.

My wishes to all, may this new year brings you good health, a bundle of joy and all the luck you need to be successful.

Lets unfold the new chapter shall we.

Darling, You Are Perfect For Me



a short repeated phrase in popular music and jazz, typically used as an introduction or refrain in a song.
play riffs.
We turn 6 over the weekend.
Happy anniversary to us!
and this was the toughest year ever.
I’m unemployed, trying to get pregnant but no luck and yesterday, he was diagnose with high blood pressure (stage 1) and is now on medication to control his blood pressure.
He constantly feels uncomfortable and I can’t do much to make it go away.
Time is tough, everything is tight.
All I can do right now is help him get through this phase of his life.
I just want to love and be with him forever.
I pray so hard that things will get better soon.
I just want him to know that no matter how hard things are right now, I know that he is doing the very best he can.
and most important of all, He Is Perfect in many ways.
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So Long

I’ve been managing 2 blog since a couple years ago.

However, due to the limitation of time that I have with my beloved blog, I now manage only one.

I hope I’ll be able to write more this time around, so I can get things out of my mind.

So, farewell blog. I had my fun time with you.



So we watched Ragnarok on Wednesday and I am so impressed with the movie.

I love how they make this movie a little comedic and full of actions at the same time.

A little synopsis:

Imprisoned, the almighty Thor finds himself in a lethal gladiatorial contest against the Hulk, his former ally. Thor must fight for survival and race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying his home and the Asgardian civilization.

This movie deserve 8.5 rating.


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I’ve lost my ability to express words over the year.

I lost my creativity.

I lost my willingness to do things.

I lost my passion towards the things I love to do

It all because of you.

The way you treat people, the words you say to them, the expression and body language you show them, it wasn’t motivating at all.

You’ve bullied people that have less power than you.

Your seniority and superiority made you think you can do everything that you like on people.

Shame on you for making people fall into depression and you show no guilt in doing so.

You don’t know what it feels like to be anxious, intimidated, overwhelm, and scared to go to work everyday.

I have to drag myself up every single day for a year so I could earn something for my family.

and I seriously blaming you for not letting me work to my fullest potential.

Until now, I could see your shadow following me everywhere I go.

You! Stop being a bully.

You will earn nothing good from it.

You will live in hatred all your life.

I’m no longer the weak. I’m a survivor.

You’re the one who is weak. You will never know love or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015


Seeing hot air balloon in close up is a remarkable experience for my knights and me. We were very fascinated with the knowledge and expertise that the experts have. I am for sure that it is not an easy to manage/fly the balloons.


It was a fun experience. Maybe next year we could try to ride the balloon. Oh my! It will be super fun! Well, see you next year (I hope)!


New World

It gives me great pleasure to be here today. I am very blessed to have a group of wonderful people on my side, without them I would not be able to make this happen. and for that, I thank you. To my understanding husband, thank you for your endless support and encouragement. I hope that […]

Where Am I Now?

At this point in life, I constantly have a debate with myself. Most of the time I’ll just pet talk or motivate myself not to give up or I’m doing great as stay at home mom. But when the pet talks and motivation does not work, I always question myself about what to do with […]


DSC_0494 DSC_0496

After doing some readings on wiki, I learned that the insects in the above pictures are called Damselfly. They are the cousin’s to Dragonfly. How to differentiate? By looking at their wings. Dragonfly open up their wings while resting, while Damselfly closes them.