Up There



Have you been up there lately?

If you do, what have you seen?


Did you see the beautiful sky?

Wonderful isn’t it?

with fluffy white blankets warming up the mass cold blue sky.


or Did you see the bird fly high?

Wonderful is it?

flying freely up there, like nothing could stop them.


but have you seen a plane lately?

it’s white in colour with red and blue stripe.

No you say?

then, I am sad.


not just me, everyone around the world is too.


Where could you be?

They’ve looked up, but nothing is found.

and so they looked down.

nothing have been found.

Families and friends still stick together,

praying and hoping they’ll soon see each other.


Dear God, please let them be found.

I couldn’t bare to see them suffer,

going all around,

asking “Have they been found?”


*Up until today, my thoughts and prayer always been with those who are affected. I understand they’re pain and suffering. Let them say what they want. They can only get their fame now, but later in the hereafter, they will be the one who is looking for you for forgiveness. Stay strong, keep your love one close to you. Only they understand you.

Mee Udang Kuala Selangor

Mee Udang, Kuala Selangor
Mee Udang, Kuala Selangor


Mee Udang‘ or ‘Prawns Noodle’ is a delicacies in Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia. If you happen to drive through Kuala Selangor, you should drop by and have a taste of that thick and tasty broth cook to perfection. Garnish with big size prawns, boiled egg and parsley, this dish is to die for! Try it!

map to Mee Udang Banjir Kuala Selangor.
Map to Mee Udang Banjir Kuala Selangor.



Every living thing in this world, has its own purpose. Their existence correlates to one another. God gifted us human with a mind that is capable of processing and handling a large set of data. HE created the world, for us humans to explore, learn and understand the main purpose of our existence. and I believe, that it is our duty as a Human, to protect and sustain what ever gift that God has given us. Thus, let us cherish what is left to us, and let us prevent it from vanishing from this world.