New World

It gives me great pleasure to be here today. I am very blessed to have a group of wonderful people on my side, without them I would not be able to make this happen. and for that, I thank you. To my understanding husband, thank you for your endless support and encouragement. I hope that […]

About Me Part II

Nisamir is the combination of my name and the first man that I have ever love, and I will always love him forever, my father. I started to use this name since I left school. It was kind of cool, because most people combine their name with their boyfriend or spouse but I prefer to use my father’s name instead. It gives a more genuine feeling when you actually say it.

Malaysia is my home country, a country where I was born and brought up. I never once leave my country. Yes, I know it’s kind of lame but it is more to ‘never have the opportunity’ rather than ‘just love her country too much’.

Story of my life is not interesting as others, but it is definitely a roller coaster ride. True story. Every where I go, there will be trouble waiting at every corner. But, those are the challenges that I’d to face. Challenges that makes me grow as a person, care and acknowledge my surroundings and always appreciates those who really accept me as I am.

My hobbies keeps me distracted from those who does not matter, while my interest keeps those who matters close to me. I love them, and they will always be apart of my family, forever.

Why Blogging?


Source: Mr. Hilmi’s Facebook

I was in my final year of diploma when I met Mr. Hilmi. He was my Advance English lecturer and he happens to be the most awesome lecturer I’ve ever met. I like the way he delivers his teaching – became friends and a guidance to us his fellow students. I always look forward to his class because it’s so much fun!

So towards the end of the semester, we planned a trip for the whole class to go. But unfortunately, last minute cancellation, only 14 of us could make it, including him. I had the most memorable trip ever! We became friends that day on.

We keep in touch (until today) by reading his blog (as a silent reader) and through facebook. So, one day, as I was reading his blog, I said to myself, I should start my own blog. Well, I love writing and photography, that should do it. and so, I created my first blog ‘My Little Corner of The World’. A place where I am allowed to be myself and share my view to the whole world. So, thank you Mr. Hilmi for being such a wonderful inspiration to me and others as well.

Source: Mr. Hilmi's Blog site
Source: Mr. Hilmi’s Blog site