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After doing some readings on wiki, I learned that the insects in the above pictures are called Damselfly. They are the cousin’s to Dragonfly. How to differentiate? By looking at their wings. Dragonfly open up their wings while resting, while Damselfly closes them.

The Camera

Photography has been my hobby since I was 11-12 years old. My father used to have a Canon SLR (can’t remember the exact model) that uses film, and I will always be the one to hold the camera and took pictures of anything that is interesting from my point of view.

As I grew older, SLR became pretty much expensive and compact camera was introduced into the market. I was excited because it will be much easier for me to take pictures and not have to go to the shop and developed the film. Unfortunately, my hobby or my passion for photography was seen as a waste and expensive. and so I thought “there goes my hobby.”

As I entered university, I had the chance to met up with few people who happens to love photography as much as I do. They introduced me to DSLR and boy I was wrong about the price! and again, there goes my hobby.

Night Light. Camera: Nikon Coolpix

But one day, my lovable boyfriend (who happen to be my brilliant husband now) bought me a compact point and shoot camera , Nikon Coolpix. Years later, one of my university buddy wanted to sell his Nikon D80 and that become my first DSLR camera. I was so happy, it was like buying myself a diamond ring!

Future Leader. Camera: D80


The Red Lantern. Camera: D3000
The Red Lanterns. Camera: D3000

A year later, Nikon came out with Nikon D3000, so I sold my D80 and bought D3000 and I am the most happiest person alive! My diamond rock just get bigger and shinier. Years later, we got married and he said to me lets sell your camera and share Nikon D90 for few years. and Yes, I did sell my baby D3000 to my brother in law (at least my baby got to stay in the family).

The Purple Grass. Camera: D90


Decisions. Created using Adobe Photoshop CS4.


Which way to go? Left or Right? Up or Down? What happen if took the wrong turn? Will I still be able to turn back?

It is a scary world out there. Each path is to be taken alone. No one will be there to help or guide you.

There is no right or wrong decision, it is always about what is the best for you. What you wanted to be and what you want to achieve.

It is all up to you. Choose what is the best for you and your future.