Greetings from Malaysia.

Since now I’m a full time stay at home mom, so I had sign myself up for Blogging 101 course by The Daily Post. Cool right? But I’ve missed 4 assignment in totals but it’s alright. I’ll try to catch up. So here goes.

I’m a lady from Malaysia, a country located in the South East Asia close to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Yes, the country that recently made it to the headline with a missing air craft MH370. It’s a beautiful country with tropical weather – dry and wet through out the year. I am a Muslim, a daughter to my parent, an elder sister to my siblings, a loving wife to my husband and a caring mother to my handsome one year old son. I love my family more than anything in the world. I even quit my job so that I could focus on taking care of my family. However, life must go on and money needed to be earn in order to sustain the future. We will never know what the future holds but as for now, we could only prepare ourselves for the worst.

I’m here because I wanted to do something meaningful and useful in my life. Why? Because for the past 28 years of my life, people see me as someone that is always at the bottom. People labeled me with negative words and it makes my motivation and self esteem drop to the lowest point. Over time, I gain back my motivation and self esteem through learning. I manage to do well at school regardless what people say or thought about me. I’m good with doing research and presenting my research findings. It gives me the thrill and excitement that I once had.

Thus, I decided that I wanted to be a writer. A writer with a solid point, using the right and reliable sources. I wanted to make writing as a source of living, but I just don’t know how. But that is another story. All i need to do now is to focus on perfecting my basis in writing.

Almost There!

I’m almost there. I can feel it. The only thing that is in between me and the job is the final assessment. Believe it or not, I had started to feel butterfly flying in my stomach since the day I received a phone call from the company. I was happy and relieve but nervous at the same time. I have this ‘what if‘ thing repeating in my head. The final assessment is tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow.

Source: Personal File
Source: My personal email.

The above is my final task. Interesting? Yes, indeed. It is simple and straight forward. What make it interesting isthat it have to be creative, and creative is challenging for me especially if its last minute projects/tasks. But, it’s a challenge, or should I say ‘BRING IT ON!‘ (^_^) I have few ideas in mind, and hopefully I’ll be the 10 selected candidates.

Syawal 1434


Syawal is almost coming to an end. September is now here. I am still in the midst of finding the suitable job. I had under go 2 interviews and 3 assessments. I have positive feeling with the latest assessment. I’m praying and hoping for the best.


It’s now end of July, and I am still jobless.

Jobs is difficult to be found theses days.

I have look through online job portal as well official webpage.

I have applied for more than 40 job vacancy, and yet to receive any positive feedback.

Maybe I have exceeded the market average age or maybe I’m just not good enough.

But I still haven’t lost any hope. I will still try my very best and praying for a job that best fit ME.