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There are times when everything you do doesn’t seems to be right. At that point, you will try to find reasons and sometime end up blaming yourself or worse, blaming the Creator. In Islam, we believe that Allah had written about our life when we were still in our mothers womb. What ever happens to us, it has been destiny by the Creator. But sometime, as a human being, we tend to blame Him for all mistakes, mishap, bad luck, and etc. But I believe, God created us differently because He knows our capability to handle and face situation that we couldn’t possibly imagine. That is life. It is about facing the challenges and learning from mistakes. It will makes a person stronger and wise over time.

I Hope They’ll Understand

Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether a family member, a co-worker, or a total stranger, write a post about what that person is thinking right now.

He left house for work at 8.00 p.m. He must be feeling tired after countless days of lack of sleep. I feel bad for him. He need to work extra hard just to make us feel comfortable and secure. I’m so sorry honey, I promise you I’ll make use of myself and my certificates soon. If I could read his mind, he probably say:

My Prince Charming on our Engagement Day 3 years ago.

right now.

I stay up late last night, working on some projects that is due in a couple of days.

I managed to come home last night. At least I get to sleep on a comfy bed and a wife to hug.

But, it’ll be another long day today.

I will be spending the night at the office tonight.

No comfy bed or a wife to hug.

I feel bad for my son, I didn’t get to spend time with him for the past weeks.

This projects are killing me.

I feel bad for my wife, I didn’t get to take her out the past few weeks.

I hope they’ll understand. I am working hard to put food on the table, clothes to wear and a house to live in.

I hope they’ll understand. I am doing this to sustain the future.

I hope they’ll understand.


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Cikgu Hamid

Source: Personal File
My grandfather, Abdul Hamid. Source: Personal File


I wish that my grandfather was still alive. I was almost two years old when he passed away. My father told me that each time we had the chance to visit him, I’ll always asked him to carry me around for a stroll at a nearby playground. I don’t really have any memory of him. But I wish I do.

If he was still alive, he sure will give me a piece of his good advice. You see, I’m leaving on the edge for quite a while now. My life is a mess. I am happily married and blessed with a wonderful young boy. But, I am affraid that the happiness wont last long. I know that love is not everything in this world. You need to have both; money and love.

Dear love, do you know how smart you are? Well, I know that you are a hard working person, that will try her very best to do what ever she can to achieve her goals. But look at you now. What happen to you? Where is that high spirited girl that I know? Why do you end up at home? What happen in pursuing your ambition? I am sad to see you like this love. As if all of your motivation and determination had banished from your mind.

I know how you feel. I know that sometimes, it is difficult to change. But sometime change can make you a better person. Look at you now, you have no goals and you are stuck at zero. Get up love! I know you can. Go out there and be a part of something big. It’s ok to dream big, because when you dream big, you have a destination to go. I know you can love! You always do find your way. I will always pray that one day, you will make everyone that you know look up to you. Chin up girl! Go make your dream a reality!

I wish he was still alive so that he could say those words to me. I wish that he would take my hand and help me to get out of this mess. I could just wish. I miss you grandpa. I always do.

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Liebster Award Nominees

 I have post an entry on all the answers to the question asked to me. You can check out the rules for the Liebster Awards here.



It gives me great pleasure to present to you the list of blogs for Liebster Awards. The Nominees are:


Here are my questions to you.

  1. Who gave you your name and what is the meaning of your name?
  2. What do you think about home schooling?
  3. If you could only choose one meal/dish to be serve on your wedding day, what would it be?
  4. How do you see the world we are living in?
  5. What is your tips to a beautiful and radiance skin?
  6. If you were given 10 million dollars (yes, USD), how would you spend it?
  7. Where would you build up your dream home and why?
  8. What super powers would you like to have?
  9. Which Disney princess would you like to be and Why?
  10. If you only have four months to live, what would you do?
  11. Out of many country in the world, where would you like to live in and why?


Have fun doing this challenges people.

Best Regards,

Nisamir, The Blog

New Look

Love my new look? I do. Because it has everything that I like, especially the header! Love it big time! I might be changing the header image though but for now, lets just stay with this one.

Greetings from Malaysia.

Since now I’m a full time stay at home mom, so I had sign myself up for Blogging 101 course by The Daily Post. Cool right? But I’ve missed 4 assignment in totals but it’s alright. I’ll try to catch up. So here goes.

I’m a lady from Malaysia, a country located in the South East Asia close to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Yes, the country that recently made it to the headline with a missing air craft MH370. It’s a beautiful country with tropical weather – dry and wet through out the year. I am a Muslim, a daughter to my parent, an elder sister to my siblings, a loving wife to my husband and a caring mother to my handsome one year old son. I love my family more than anything in the world. I even quit my job so that I could focus on taking care of my family. However, life must go on and money needed to be earn in order to sustain the future. We will never know what the future holds but as for now, we could only prepare ourselves for the worst.

I’m here because I wanted to do something meaningful and useful in my life. Why? Because for the past 28 years of my life, people see me as someone that is always at the bottom. People labeled me with negative words and it makes my motivation and self esteem drop to the lowest point. Over time, I gain back my motivation and self esteem through learning. I manage to do well at school regardless what people say or thought about me. I’m good with doing research and presenting my research findings. It gives me the thrill and excitement that I once had.

Thus, I decided that I wanted to be a writer. A writer with a solid point, using the right and reliable sources. I wanted to make writing as a source of living, but I just don’t know how. But that is another story. All i need to do now is to focus on perfecting my basis in writing.

The Blog

I love writing. Writing is my way of letting out my emotions. Emotions of which could lead to depression. I was young at that time, and  was surrounded by people who are constantly trying to restrain me from being myself. I was very alone. One day, a teacher of mine (who always ended his class with words of advice) said that if you have problems, and you don’t feel like talking to someone will help you, you should write. Write a journal, express your anger, sadness or happiness in that journal.  and so I did, I kept a journal to make me feel sane and away from depression. That is how I survive my high school.

When I started college, I was very fortunate to actually found a group of people who I can call friends, and I thank God for that. One of them introduce me to blogging. I started to blog when I was on my final year in college, struggling for a diploma certificate. It was fun, decorating the page, have 50 followers and tons of things to write about. But then, I enroll myself fora postgraduate program, all my time is dedicated to complete the program. I spend less time with my blog and by the time I completed my program, I got pregnant with my first child. I had the worst morning sickness ever! That’s when the writing stop. I regret it each day.

and now that my life is in order, i could finally start writing back. It all started as a medium of expressing myself, now it is something that I believe I can turn it into something meaningful. That’s why I name it ‘The Blog’.

Quotes of The Day

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

True enough. Events encountered by us is a life learning lesson, lesson that could never be taught in school or university. The course structure vary from one person to another. Turning the negative into positive is the way to get it through.