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I never had so many friends when I was growing up. My family moved to few places before settling down for good in Shah Alam. My previous house was in Subang Jaya. I consider myself growing up there because that was where my childhood adventure was created. It was also the place where I met my best friend. Then My family moved and we lost contact with each other.

Moving to a new place is so not cool especially when you are a teenager. My teenage life was so bad, the only good thing that I could remember about high school was when I met my husband. That is when I started to write. I write about everything, all the secrets I know, people that hated me, people that wanted to played and etc. When I got so caught up with writing, I even write on short stories or even screen play. It was hilarious and stupid, but it did saved me from being crazy or depressed

My high school examination result was so bad that no public university wanted to enroll me as a student. So my father send me to a private college. Amazingly, my life changed. I met interesting new people and amazingly these people are now my long life best friends. One of them is my handsome looking lecturer that teaches English in my college. He was my inspiration and my role model in life.

So this blog is dedicated to all the people that I knew from the very beginning of my existence – my soul, my life, my everything. Thank you for being there for me and thank you for encouraging me and support me through thick and thin. I love you and will alwyas love all of you until the day we meet again in the Here After.

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    Malaysia Airlines MH370/MAS370*

    22 April, 2014 (Updated with Russian and Chinese Intelligence Reports)

    SUBJECT: AIRCIA-system (quasi-acronym for AIRliner Controlled Irreversible Anti-hijack system)
    Compiled by: TL Easley

    It has been stated by numerous government officials and related in several media reports that one of two things caused the transponder and ACARS (Aircraft Communication and Reporting System) to stop transmitting.

    (1) Someone turned them off or disabled them (pilot or hijacker) and

    (2) A catastrophic failure occurred resulting in both systems being disabled (fire, rapid depressurization, crash, midair collision, being shot down, pilot suicide, etc). There is a third, albeit remote, possibility that could result in both systems being disabled and that’s

    (3) Electronic Warfare Signal Cancellation.

    The E-3 airborne warning and control system (AWACS) is built by Boeing Defense & Space Group. The role of the E-3 is to carry out airborne surveillance, and command, control and communications (C3) functions for both tactical and air defense forces.

    The E3 look-down radar has a 360° view of the horizon, and at operating altitudes has a range of more than 320km. The radar can detect and track air and sea targets simultaneously.

    In a tactical role, the E-3 can detect and track hostile aircraft operating at low altitudes over any terrain, and can identify and control friendly aircraft in the same airspace in effect electronically commandeering it and operating it like a drone.

    Control of a Boeing 777 can be accomplished through the secret “Airliner Irreversible Control Anti-Hijack System” (US Patent: 6845302 B2, AIRCIA System, Patented by Jose Moretto in 2003, although aircraft manufacturers may have developed a working system a decade earlier, at least since 1995, for installation on high risks air routes.) used by Boeing which once enabled can render the planes guidance system irretrievably placed into total reliance upon its existing autopilot system in RF communication with encrypted remote air intercept personnel aboard the AWACS plane.

    The airliner then becomes flown only as directed by the remote flight control station in cooperation with airliners remotely reprogrammed onboard avionics system automatically vectoring the airliner to land safely via the existing avionics/autopilot system at a designated airport, in this case the most likely airfield is the U.S. Military Naval Support Facility (NSF) at Diego Garcia, BIOT in the central Indian Ocean and within the plane’s flight range. It is important to note that this location was one of 4 found in 53 year old Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s flight simulator by the FBI. It is unusual for a civilian pilot to be practicing a landing at a top secret military base he would never likely be allowed to land at. The plane can be flown “cloaked” by the AWACS plane all the way to its destination. The AWACS would follow and control the plane all the way and then land at the same base and utilize midair refueling if needed.
    Should the AWACS control signals shift out of phase or be interrupted in any way, a so-called interferometer is programmed to send flight path corrective commands to the airborne guidance equipment.

    To assist in the covert acquisition of the plane, its high value passengers and cargo a harmless gas admixture can be released capable of inducing sleep (ATI: Automatic Tranquil Infusion tranquilizing gas released into the airliner’s entire interior). The gas is already part of the secret anti hijack system or somehow retrofitted in the aircraft prior to take off. This would explain the report of the copilot “mumbling” when contacted by a flight 30 minutes ahead of it on an emergency frequency. If the passenger oxygen system was activated it would only provide 15 minutes of relief from the gas and pilots would have only 30 minutes of oxygen. If already installed as part of the anti-hijack system the oxygen system would not be an effective counter to the deployment of the ATI gas mixture.

    The existence of a gassing system may explain why airline regulations forbid oxygen canisters aboard passenger jets, since an independent air supply would enable terrorists to stay in control of a hijacked jet.

    Authorities in Malaysia have confirmed that they believe the flight was deliberately interfered with and that its communications system intentionally disabled before the plane flew “invisible” for a further seven to eight hours.
    A jumbo jet was seen flying low over the Maldives islands (approx. 800 miles north of Diego Garcia and one of 4 practice landing sites deleted form Captain Shah’s flight simulator) almost eight hours after last radio contact was made.

    Several witnesses in Dhaalu Atoll (20 civilians) saw a plane flying North to South-East, towards the southern tip of the Maldives that bore the red stripe and white background of Malaysia Airlines planes at 6:15am local time on March 8th. This timeline could match the planes last known contact and speed/alt. data.

    The sightings, reported by a local news outlet (The Haveeru news website ), would have occurred more than seven hours after the plane lost contact with air traffic control and took its sudden westward turn.

    “I’ve never seen a jet flying so low over our island before. We’ve seen seaplanes, but I’m sure that this was not one of those. I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly,” said a witness.

    RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE: Главное разведывательное управление

    An as yet unconfirmed analysis reportedly prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU: Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye) (Russia’s largest foreign intelligence agency) and published in the online edition of the European Union Times March 14th states that Aerospace Defense Forces (VKO, Voyska Vozdushno-Kosmicheskoy Oborony) experts remain “puzzled” as to why the United States Navy “captured and then diverted” a Malaysia Airlines civilian aircraft from its intended flight-path to their vast and highly-secretive Indian Ocean base located on the Diego Garcia atoll.

    That Flight 370 was already under GRU “surveillance” after it received a “highly suspicious” cargo load that had been traced to the Indian Ocean nation Republic of Seychelles, and where it had previously been aboard the US-flagged container ship MV Maersk Alabama.

    What first aroused GRU suspicions regarding the MV Maersk Alabama, this report continues, was that within 24-hours of off-loading this “highly suspicious” cargo load bound for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the two highly-trained US Navy Seals assigned to protect it, Mark Daniel Kennedy, 43, and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds, 44, were found dead under “suspicious circumstances.”

    Both Kennedy and Reynolds, this report says, were employed by the Virginia Beach, Virginia-based maritime security firm The Trident Group ( which was founded by U.S. Navy Special Operations Personnel (SEAL’s) and Senior US Naval Surface Warfare Officers and has long been known by the GRU to protect vital transfers of both atomic and biological materials throughout the world.

    Police on the island nation of Seychelles say that the two former U.S. Navy SEALs died of respiratory failure and were suspected to have had heart attacks, possibly from drug use.

    The police said Monday that a syringe and traces of heroin were found in their cabin.

    Trident Group confirms neither of the men ever failed a mandatory or random drug test.

    CHINESE INTELLIGENCE: 中华人民共和国国家安全部

    Russian GRU “assets” reportedly confirmed that this “highly suspicious” cargo was aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on 8 March, this report notes, Moscow notified The Ministry of State Security of the People’s Republic of China (MSS) which is responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence and political security of their concerns and received “assurances” that “all measures” would be taken as to ascertain what was being kept so hidden when this aircraft entered into their airspace.

    However, this report says, and as yet for still unknown reasons, the MSS was preparing to divert Flight 370 from its scheduled destination of Beijing to Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK) located in Hainan Province (aka Hainan Island).

    Prior to entering the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) protected zones of the South China Sea known as the Spratly Islands, this report continues, Flight 370 “significantly deviated” from its flight course and was tracked by VKO satellites and radar flying into the Indian Ocean region and completing its nearly 3,447 kilometer (2,142 miles) flight to Diego Garcia.

    Critical to note about Flight 370’s flight deviation, GRU experts in this report say, was that it occurred during the same time period that all of the Spratly Island mobile phone communications operated by China Mobile were being jammed.

    China Mobile, it should be noted, extended phone coverage in the Spratly Islands in 2011 so that PLA soldiers stationed on the islands, fishermen, and merchant vessels within the area would be able to use mobile services, and can also provide assistance during storms and sea rescues. ( )
    As to how the US Navy was able to divert Flight 370 to its Diego Garcia base, this report says, appears to have been accomplished remotely as this Boeing 777-200ER aircraft is equipped with a fly-by-wire (FBW) system that replaces the conventional manual flight controls of an aircraft with an electronic interface allowing it to be controlled like any drone-type aircraft.

    What remains “perplexing” about this incident, GRU analysts in this report say, are why the American mainstream media outlets have yet to demand from the Obama regime the radar plots and satellite images of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea regions as the US military covers this entire area from Diego Garcia like no other seas in the world due to its vital shipping and air lanes.

    This report could be the reason that China has demanded the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder serial numbers for the “black boxes” aboard MH370 prior to them being recovered to verify their authenticity.


    The U.S. Embassy in Malaysia, in an email to the New Straits Times, said claims that reports that MH370 was hidden somewhere in its island military base, Diego Garcia, were wild allegations. “This is a baseless conspiracy theory that has already been debunked around the world, and the White House Press Secretary specifically addressed this on March 18,” said the embassy’s press attache Harvey Sernovitz.

    A popular theory was that 51 year old American Philip Woods, who worked for IBM and was on board the plane, had posted a picture of his whereabouts from his phone to, the location of which was later purportedly traced to Diego Garcia military base in the Indian Ocean. Washington also addressed allegations that logs at Diego Garcia from March 8 to 10, had been wiped clean. “These reports are completely false. MH370 did not land in Diego Garcia. This is a baseless conspiracy theory.”

    The official U.S. Navy publication “The Diego Garcia Welcome Aboard Guide” page 22 Rev. 11 Jul 13 states:

    Will my mobile phone work in this region?

    No. Commercial mobile phone providers based in the United States are not accessible at this location. However, Cable & Wireless offers mobile phones, pagers and calling cards for international phone calls. Visit their Web site to see a list of their services and rates.

    The Maldives defense minister has denied that MH370 overflew the Maldives and The Maldives police have also launched an investigation into the reported sighting of the aircraft.


    The U.S. has a state of the art spy satellite system, with very precise capabilities of monitoring the entire earth’s surface, including moving objects at very high resolutions. Everything on this planet is subject to what is called “Layered ISR.” ISR stands for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. By “layered” we refer to satellites, starting with geosynchronous orbit down to LEO, or “Low Earth Orbit.”

    These satellites monitor the entire electromagnetic spectrum and include SAR (Synthetic Aperture Capability). Everything that moves, on land or sea, under the sea, even underground, is watched and listened to.

    Many of these technologies are part of the United States Space Surveillance Network. The system is the responsibility of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, part of the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). The Diego Garcia base “is one of only a handful of locations equipped with a Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance system for tracking objects in deep space.”

    Given the levels of sophistication of these observation technologies, it is highly unlikely that the MH370 flight could have travelled unnoticed over a large span of the Indian Ocean. This system would allow the U.S. to visually and electronically locate the plane at a known time and location and simply follow it via satellite to its ultimate destination even in inclement weather using infrared capabilities.

    Retired 35 year Delta pilot, Field McConnell confirmed in a legal filing that since 1995, Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilots have been equipped in Boeing planes.

    This information was apparently not released until March of 2007, following a subsequent lawsuit by McConnell. The modification was reported to the FAA, NTSB and ALPA (airline pilots association). According to McConnell’s documents, Boeing is said to have stated that by end of 2009 all Boeing planes would be fitted with the BUAP – making them impossible to manually hijack within the plane but susceptible to remote control by the military, according the flight veteran…..

    Additionally, McConnell mentions an ‘autoland’ and ‘autobrake’ feature for the plane, making it possible for these planes to land safely or to be used as a potential weapon according to his information. ”

    None of the planes four Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT’s) were activated indicating the plane may not have crashed. The ELT’s are separate from the plane’s black boxes and are designed to activate when they encounter water or high G forces. Also worth pointing out its unlikely these ELTS could be tampered with in flight let alone turned off. Modern ELTS have an 20% failure rate.

    However unlikely and despite official denials, it remains a fact that it is possible to render a target aircraft invisible to radar and remotely control all aspects of flight and landing while possibly rendering passengers and crew unconscious.

    If a compelling national security motivation existed the U.S. military has the capability to accomplish such an electronic hijacking of any AIRCIA equipped aircraft and would be highly unlikely to admit it.

    An electronic hijack scenario is consistent with tactics deployed and managed by the involvement of a U.S. Navy SOCOM or Special Operations Command and could be limited to less than 800 military and intelligence personnel.
    To date, not a single piece of wreckage of flight MH370 has been found despite the resources of 26 countries being deployed to find it.

    *Scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, with registration number 9M-MRO carried 12 crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations and regions.


    It can be argued from the evidence presented that the American government and/or its allies, intelligence services or some unknown actor(s) utilizing technologies similar to those mentioned in this briefing may have had the motive, means and opportunity to electronically hijack this aircraft and divert it to a secret location.


    Compelling National Security Interest(s)
    Defense Contractor Brain Trust onboard
    Suspicious Cargo Reportedly Detected by Russian GRU. Since the Chinese MSS reportedly planned to divert and inspect the plan once it entered Chinese airspace there might be a compelling interest to intercept the plane and divert to a secure location before the Chinese could acquire the plane and its “suspicious” cargo?


    AIRCIA-system controlled by AWACS


    Military Exercises or Annual “War Games” were being conducted nearby called “Cobra Gold” and “Cope Tiger” led by the United States beginning from 11th February and ending 21st March, 2014.’ Military from Thailand and Singapore principally involved in exercise. American AWACS in area for war games. MH370 reportedly headed for the Andaman Islands/Andaman Sea where multi-lateral Military Exercises or War Games were being conducted nearby called “Cobra Gold” and “Cope Tiger” led by the United States beginning from 11th February and ending 21st March, 2014.

    Source: MINDEF – Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Singapore ) Exercise Cope Tiger, a trilateral air exercise conducted by Singapore, Thailand and the United States, at Korat Air Base, Thailand. Singapore’s Chief of Air Force, Major-General Hoo Cher Mou; Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong; and Commander of the Pacific Air Forces, General Herbert J. Carlisle. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the annual exercise.

    Timeline for flight MH370

    • 00:41LT – Take off from runway 32R at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
    • 01:01LT – Reached cruising altitude of 35.000 feet, Speed: 474 kt, Track: 25%
    • 01:19LT – Last radio contact
    • 01:21LT – Last ADS-B transponder message received about 140 km North East of Kuala Terengganu, Track: 40%
    • Radar: F-WMKC 1

    Civilian Radar did not track any signals from the transponder of 9M-MRO after that.

    All information presented is from publically available sources. No U.S. military secret or declassified information is included in this report. Sources: US Patent: 6845302 B2, AIRCIA System, Invented by Jose Moretto in 2003; Wikipedi; The Haveeru news website, The New Straits Times, Maylaysia;; the online edition of the European Union Times March 14th; and other sources deemed reliable.

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